Upcoming talks and papers


“Économie du marché”, séminaire d’anthropologie économique et politique, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, March 17, Marseille, France.

“Where are the female chefs ? Reproducing and challenging gender stereotypes in Lyon’s professional kitchens”, International Conference on Food History and Food Studies, March 25, Tours, France

Charismatic Substances Workshop, Morphomata Centre for Advanced Studies, May 14 & 15, Cologne, Germany.

Cibo, culture, società. Una prospettiva di genere, Expo Milano, June 8. More information here.

Upcoming conferences and talks – Spring & Summer 2014


April 11 – “Wild ferment: constructing nature, obscuring labor in the natural wine movement” at the American Ethnological Society Spring Meeting in Boston, MA, April, 11-12, 2014 – 10-11:45am session “In/visibilities and Un/accountabilities in Food”

May 25 – “Teaching Italian Culture through Food: An Anthropological Approach”, American Association for Italian Studies Conference, Zurich, Switzerland.

May 26 – “Vino e cultura: un progetto di antropologia dal vigneto al bicchiere” Patrimonio immateriale e antropologia dell’alimentazione, Università degli Studi di Milano, Bicocca, 14h30-17h00, Edificio U16, aula 14 (IV piano) – Via Thomas Mann 8, Milano, Italy.

June 5-8 – Umbra Institute, Food Conference, Perugia, Italy, Keynote.

Shaping a Taste Landscape

Rachel E. Black

Here is a summary of a recent talk I gave at the College of the Atlantic on the anthropology of wine and the concept of the taste landscape that I am developing in relation to the cooperative production of wine in Carema, Italy. Read more