Always learning

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The best part of being a college professor is that I have many opportunities to keep learning. This summer I had a chance to head back to the classroom twice. Was it ever wonderful to be on the other side of the table!

In June, I participated in the John Dewey Kitchen Institute at the University of Vermont. Here I was able to reflect on the concept of cooking to learn and the experiential work that I have been doing with my anthropology of food courses at Connecticut College. I wrote about my experience at UVM on the Food Anthropology blog here.

The second course I took was through the NSF-funded Qualquant Short Courses in Research Methods (aka Nerd Camp). This was my second time at nerd camp and, once again, I enjoyed learning with anthropologists from all over the US. Although a week in Gainesville, Florida in July was daunting, I have no regrets about the course in text analysis that I took with Betsy Krause and Amber Wutich. Although I still haven’t drunk the positivist Kool-Aid, the course helped me take a more systematic approach to analyzing quantitative data. I left Florida feeling fired up and ready to get down to some analysis and writing.

As the academic year starts, I look forward to sharing my new learning and the opportunity to learn from my students.

Dooley Lecture Series at the Culinary Institute of America


This coming Monday, May 16, I will be speaking at “Food and the Senses: A Symposium” at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. My talk is entitled “‘You just know when it’s done’: Experiential Learning in the Kitchen”. For more information and the full program, click here.

Upcoming talks and papers


“Économie du marché”, séminaire d’anthropologie économique et politique, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, March 17, Marseille, France.

“Where are the female chefs ? Reproducing and challenging gender stereotypes in Lyon’s professional kitchens”, International Conference on Food History and Food Studies, March 25, Tours, France

Charismatic Substances Workshop, Morphomata Centre for Advanced Studies, May 14 & 15, Cologne, Germany.

Cibo, culture, società. Una prospettiva di genere, Expo Milano, June 8. More information here.