Childhood obesity not only a problem in North America


Photo by Corbis from the Guardian

In today’s Guardian there is an article (“Date for halting childhood obesity slips back ten years”) that clearly underlines that childhood obesity is a major problem in the Britain. In fact, it seems so grave that the government is unable to come to grips with how to tackle the issue. Obesity is going to be one of the most pressing issues in the developed world in the near future and it will not be remedied until people start thinking about food culture. It is just one of the many signs of the damaging effects of the culture of excess that is slowly eating away at social and moral values as well as physical health.

International Commission on the Anthropology of Food Conference in Romania


I have spent the last few days trying to figure out how to get to the ICAF conference at the Monastery in Barsana, Romania from Oct. 5 – 9. The conference this year will focus on “Food and Ritual”.

My paper is entitled “It’s time to think about dinner: everyday rituals of food and eating in Italy” and it is basically a call to study everyday food instead of celebrations and festivals. Personally, I think we can learn so much more from the everyday and how people’s habits are changing due to globalisation, industrialisation and urbanisation.

There is no doubt this conference will be an adventure in every sense.