The Story of Bottled Water

I’ve done research on the history of mineral water in Italy but I remain an adamant proponent of bottled water. Last year while working at the University of British Columbia, I got involved with helping a group of students petition the university to have water fountains repaired and put back into service. There cannot be enough water fountains in the world! Whenever I see one, I stop for a drink.

I came across this video on World Water Day and I thought it made some great points about America’s water problem.

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  1. Dear Rachel,

    Karin Vaneker send me a link to your interesting website/blog. I find your research on wine very interesting. I see a lot of overlaps between my own interests/research in the stuff that comes along with wine, water. I’ve done some research on the subject in the past, especially on how social differences are expressed in people’s preferences and uses of water for health and wellbeing. More recently, I’ve done some research work on the water scarcity in Africa.

    Nick Verouden

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