Cultural Encyclopedia of Alcohol

A Cultural Encyclopedia of Alcohol (Greenwood/ABC Clio Press)

This A-Z encyclopedia takes a wide-ranging pop culture look at a topic that engages students today but will also appeal to adults for browsing. The content will not glamorize the use of alcohol but instead put it in its cultural context, primarily today in the United States, but also considering the wider historical and international associations when appropriate. There are books that look at the historical aspects of drink but there are no reference works that also take into consideration the contemporary and popular culture of alcohol and which bring together both the production and consumption of alcohol.

This book will serve as a reference to students and educators studying the culture of alcohol and issues surrounding its consumption in North America. It will be an excellent resource for courses and programs that deal with health, addiction prevention and responsible alcohol consumption. Seeing alcohol within a cultural framework will promote a better understanding of issues surrounding its consumption in the United States in the past and present.