Anthropology of Food

Slow Food Panels at the Society for Applied Anthropology Conference

I will be heading to Santa Fe later this week to participate in the Society for Applied Anthropology Conference. There will be two panels on Slow Food and I will be chairing one:

(TH-101) THURSDAY, March 19, 1:30-3:20 – Lamy

Food and Ethics: Agriculture, Sustainability and the Organic Movement, Part I


ADAMS, Ryan (IUPUI) Environmentally Certified Soybeans in the Amazon: Context and Consequences

WHEELER, Valerie (CSU-Sacramento) and ESAINKO, Peter (Independent Scholar) Global Challenge, Local Action: The Survival of Organic Agriculture during a World-Wide Economic Recession

CHOLLETT, Donna (U Minn-Morris) From Generals to Organic Farmers: Revolutionizing Cuba’s Food Production System

ROSENBERGER, Nancy (Oregon State U) Social Dimensions of Organic Agriculture in Japan

CARUSO, Christine (CUNY Grad Ctr) The Morality of Food: Ethics, Commodification and the Sunnyside CSA

(TH-131) THURSDAY 3:30-5:20 Lamy

Food and Ethics: Slow Food, Local Food and Social Context, Part II

CHAIR: BLACK, Rachel (U Gastronomic Sci)

BLACK, Rachel (U Gastronomic Sci) Slow Wine?: Between Perceptions of Nature, Quality, and Industry

GROSS, Joan (Oregon State U) The Local Food Movement and Its Connections to Other Social Movements

SPRINGER, Alexandra (U Hawai’i-Manoa) Networking for Shared Concerns: Slow Food Movement USA Blogging

STEAGER, Tabitha (UBC-Okanagan) Pleasure and Politics: Unlikely Partners in the Slow Food Movement