Slow Water Update

Things are starting to flow with the Slow Water network. I’ve sent out our first e-mail, started a Facebook group (Slow Water) and we’re about to launch our page on the Terra Madre web site.

I am looking for regional representatives and vounteers to help grow our network. If you are interested in getting involved with water issues and advocacy, please contact me directly: r(dot)black(at)unisg(dot)it.

Ethnography of Europe


My Anth 303b “Ethnography of Europe” course is starting today at the University of British Columbia. I was a little slow getting the syllabus up, but here it is (Ethnography of Europe). Most of the course readings are up on WebCT and they will all be there by the end of the day. If you have any questions about this course feel free to contact me at reblack(at)