New courses in 2009

I am back in North America and looking forward to teaching two courses at the University of British Columbia in the 2009 Winter session.

Anthropology 303B-Ethnography of Europe is a course I have taught once before. I am looking forward to adding new material and exploring further the question “What is Europe?” We will look at Europe through the eyes of Roma women and from the view point of the shooting crowd at a football match. Anth 303b looks at the latest ethnographic work on Europe and explores theoretical and methodological questions of doing ethnography in the West. This course is a critical look at how Europe has been imagined in the past, the complexity of what it is today and where it might be going in the future.

Anthropology 422-Modes of Subsistence is an entirely new course for me and I am excited to give meaning to this rather vague course description. We will attempt to embrace a four-fields approach by taking into consideration both bio-evolutionary aspects of  developing modes of subsistence as well as the political economy of food systems. My approach to this course will largely be informed by interdisciplinary food studies. We will start with hunting and gathering and we will work right up to imagining new models for subsistence in the future.

Syllabi for these courses will be available shortly on this site. WebCT access to materials will also begin next week.

2008 American Anthropological Association Meeting in San Francisco


It was a great AAA meeting (Nov 19-23) in San Francisco this year. I had the opportunity to participate in two fantastic panels: first, I presented a paper entitled “Acqua di Sangemini: Women, mineral water and health in Italy” in a session organized by Janet Chrzan that was entitled “Feminine Fluids: Drinks and Identity in the Female Life Cycle”. We really hope that a collection of essays will come out of this. Second, I helped chair and organise a panel with Carole Counihan: “Knorks and Mezzalunas: Cutting Edges of Food Studies in Anthropology”. At the moment, I am working on writing up the interesting  e-mail exchange between the participants that took place before the session. Thank you to everyone who participated, gave us feedback and shared their ideas.

If you are a member of the AAA and you are interested in the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition, I would suggest becoming a member of the Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (SAFN). This is a wonderful little community.