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Learning by doing: the UNISG experience

UNISG Masters students get ready to visit a pig farm near Parma To an anthropologist it makes perfect sense that one of the best ways to learn is to go out into the field to experience life first-hand. Carlo Petrini, … Continue reading

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Garbology in the Langhe

I often think about garbage (literally I mean garbage) and so do many anthropologists and archaeologists. There is even a name for studying waste: garbology. I heard a paper at the last American Anthropological Association meeting on a study that … Continue reading

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Old Spandex

Why do all male runners in Italy wear totally outdated spandex running gear? This is the question I asked myself as I circled the park near my house in Bra, Italy. It’s as if the technology of microfibre and and … Continue reading

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Foodpairing site

More than taking the guesswork out of food pairing, I find that this site gives me inspiration for trying new taste combinations. Check it out…

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