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“Il cibo è donna”

A recent article from La Repubblica (March 6, 2015) that cites my research on women who cook professionally: click here.

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Response to Applied Anthropology Discussion – Barry Bainton

A few weeks ago I started a discussion about applied anthropology and the role of theory. Here is a response to my initial post from Barry Bainton: The question, “where is the theory in applied anthropology?, is an old one. … Continue reading

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Update on the Cultural Encyclopedia of Alcohol

For all the wonderful contributors and people who have followed this project with interest, I have a few updates on the Cultural Encyclopedia as it heads through the editing process. At the end of February, I submitted the finished manuscript … Continue reading

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Applied Ethnographic Research – Where’s the theory?

Why is academic anthropological theory and sometimes training of so little use to researchers using ethnography as a research technique? How can academics create theory that speaks to applied fields and industry? Recently, I had my first experience doing ethnography … Continue reading

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The Story of Bottled Water

I’ve done research on the history of mineral water in Italy but I remain an adamant proponent of bottled water. Last year while working at the University of British Columbia, I got involved with helping a group of students petition … Continue reading

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